when your heart is sore {broken chariot wheels}

We all have those mornings, those days.  When your heart is overwhelmed, overtired, hurting–downright sore.  Feels like it’s all you can do to hold it together. When life continues to rub wrong until it carves out painful, tender scars on your weary heart.   You long for the day that life stops hurting.  When it’s no […]

when I just want to do big things

What is the purpose of life? What do I want to be known for? What will people say about me when I die? The profound, philosophical questions of life.  The ones that stop us in our tracks.  They cause us to second guess our next steps.  To look behind to find wisdom for what is […]

the real meaning of ‘carpe diem’

I write lists. I make check boxes. I schedule. I watch the clock. I squeeze every moment. I fill the day. And I look up at the end.  What have I done?  I am tired and dry.  My brain hurts.  My mind in knots.  I am useless by the time the sun sets.  I’ve filled […]


Waiting is so hard.  It could be be waiting for that adorable dress to go on sale, it could be waiting for that avocado to ripen (guacamole, anyone?),  it could be waiting for that phone call, a difficult relationship that you’ve been working hard to reconcile, it could be a dream you’ve held forever…whatever it is, no […]


Out come the to-do lists.  Papers, sticky notes, pens, spirals, everywhere… lists, reminders, checkboxes.  All in the name of “getting stuff done”. I’m a get-er-done kinda gal.  I like to plow through things.  I like to check things off.  The feeling of accomplishment is intoxicating to me. All too often though, I find my work […]

rest for the weary

I’m tired. After a long weekend of running from one thing to the other, I am simply exhausted. Usually when Monday comes, I am excited for the new week.  A fresh start.  A new beginning. But today is a stereotypical Monday.  The kind in which the alarm goes off and I moan, “Already?  Not yet! […]

a life that is worthy

The books stack high. The to do list runs long. The sticky notes accumulate. The places to go add up. I find myself wanting to take a nap against the gentle hum of the car…as I drive. Wake up!  Feels like the only time I slow down–as I’m being hurtled 70 mph on the highway. Make […]

five minutes

Being just so type A, I thrive on schedules, regimented time blocks, routines–the whole regime.  I hate trying to just ‘fit things in’, I want everything to have it’s own allotted time block so that I can check it off my list, instead of leaving it half-done. I find my day is made up of […]

when life doesn’t go as planned

I love schedules. I love efficiency. I love planning. Sometimes, the things I write–learning them are pure torture for me. Grace?  Slow?  Quiet? Yeah, most of the time, I forget…I lose focus…I don’t get it. I want everything planned. Well, especially when it feels like everybody else’s got it figured out.  I want to have […]