grace for me, too

I sit, counting gifts, in the quiet.  Steaming cup of morning coffee by my side, the dawn’s sunbeams beginning to peek in the back windows. #96.  warm coffee on a brisk morning #97. pretty pink pen #98. dog sleeping peacefully #99. dear friends …and I stop.  I’m at 100 already?  I mean, I’ll admit, I […]

a crucifixion type love

Try to watch this video without getting goosebumps.  I dare you. Go ahead.  I’ll wait.     “…a love that would make angels wish that they were in our shoes…”   Wow.  Just…  Wow.   I watch that video, and I think of the relationship between lovers, as the video relates.  The relationship between Christ […]

more than i deserve

Toy trucks in the already-too-small bathroom, blocking the way to the sink. The washer is off balance.  Again. I sit on the floor because I don’t have enough room for a real desk. I have to use ‘the trick’ to get the car to start sometimes, because its old. Complaints.  Grumbles.  Longings for things to […]

rest for the weary

I’m tired. After a long weekend of running from one thing to the other, I am simply exhausted. Usually when Monday comes, I am excited for the new week.  A fresh start.  A new beginning. But today is a stereotypical Monday.  The kind in which the alarm goes off and I moan, “Already?  Not yet! […]

a life that is worthy

The books stack high. The to do list runs long. The sticky notes accumulate. The places to go add up. I find myself wanting to take a nap against the gentle hum of the car…as I drive. Wake up!  Feels like the only time I slow down–as I’m being hurtled 70 mph on the highway. Make […]

five minutes

Being just so type A, I thrive on schedules, regimented time blocks, routines–the whole regime.  I hate trying to just ‘fit things in’, I want everything to have it’s own allotted time block so that I can check it off my list, instead of leaving it half-done. I find my day is made up of […]

confessions: what if we were real?

I notice a trend with the online world. It’s easy to put on a show. Let me back up. Never before, in the history of the world, have we had such easy access to so much fodder for the imagination, the mind, the emotions–at the click of a button.  With one post on Facebook, we […]

when life doesn’t go as planned

I love schedules. I love efficiency. I love planning. Sometimes, the things I write–learning them are pure torture for me. Grace?  Slow?  Quiet? Yeah, most of the time, I forget…I lose focus…I don’t get it. I want everything planned. Well, especially when it feels like everybody else’s got it figured out.  I want to have […]

when you’re tired of just surviving

Survival mode. Everybody has experienced it at one point or another. For some, it’s a season that comes and goes. For some, it’s every day. Lately, it’s felt like every day for me.  It’s like I’m trying to fit everything in.  I wake up, and the rush begins.  Every moment spent just trying to get […]


We all know it. That deep, dark, paralyzing feeling. That emotion that keeps us up at night.   It has the power to twist our insides.   To cause us to not be able to breathe.   It moves us to physically shake. This seemingly over-powerful emotion? Fear.