With bitter frustration I fell under the push up. I had tried, I failed epically. Knuckle push ups had always been hard, worse when you woke up at five in the morning and dragged yourself to work out at Karate by six. I felt so weak, so pathetic, so ridiculous, a sweaty mess, face first on […]

when you’re tired of being the good girl

What do you do when you are tired of being the good girl? This pressure is always rising around us, and it can become suffocating when you feel like you are barely fitting in.  I tend to fit in pretty well when I am in a crowd of adults. They all praise me for what […]

you’re hopelessly small {it’s true}

I was about 13 years old when I gave myself completely over to Jesus; giving Him my life, giving Him my heart, my dreams, my everything.  What I hadn’t fully comprehended was that those things weren’t really ever mine in the first place…wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Everybody gets to a crossroads in life.  Whatever decisions this crossroads may present, it can be […]

i don’t keep a diary

Earlier today in the car as I was driving to a meeting I was rocking and singing to an old album–BarlowGirl’s Another Journal Entry–a piece quite instrumental in my spiritual walk when I was about 12 years old.  (The poor people in the cars around me…probably thought I was crazy.) Songs like I Need You to Love […]

grace for me, too

I sit, counting gifts, in the quiet.  Steaming cup of morning coffee by my side, the dawn’s sunbeams beginning to peek in the back windows. #96.  warm coffee on a brisk morning #97. pretty pink pen #98. dog sleeping peacefully #99. dear friends …and I stop.  I’m at 100 already?  I mean, I’ll admit, I […]

coffee converts

My friend jumped into the passenger seat of my car.  She sniffed, then chuckled.  “Of course.  Amy’s car would smell like coffee!” What she actually smelling was a combination of  the new French Vanilla air freshener that I had just put up that morning, and my Starbucks Pike Place that I had grabbed on the way over. […]

waiting room

One of my favorite albums is Jonny Diaz’s Beautiful You. On this album he has a song called Waiting Room.  I remember listening to the album, paying the song no particular heed, until I came upon a particularly rough season, and the lyrics just played in my head…over and over. Here in this waiting room Yearning […]


Out come the to-do lists.  Papers, sticky notes, pens, spirals, everywhere… lists, reminders, checkboxes.  All in the name of “getting stuff done”. I’m a get-er-done kinda gal.  I like to plow through things.  I like to check things off.  The feeling of accomplishment is intoxicating to me. All too often though, I find my work […]

modesty message {not what you’re expecting}

I just listened to this short thought by John Piper on the topic of modesty, and posted this little (okay, lengthy) dissertation on a thought that I had on Facebook, and I thought I’d share with you all:   Before we can even DISCUSS the guidelines and boundaries of modesty, you must understand just how […]

a crucifixion type love

Try to watch this video without getting goosebumps.  I dare you. Go ahead.  I’ll wait.     “…a love that would make angels wish that they were in our shoes…”   Wow.  Just…  Wow.   I watch that video, and I think of the relationship between lovers, as the video relates.  The relationship between Christ […]