lord of the rings {epic words}

Who doesn’t love those epic Lord of the Rings quotes? There are so many, it’s hard to pick favorites, but I was able to compile some of the best for you all to read. Share what are your favorites from the list, and let me know if I missed any really good ones!   <image […]


With bitter frustration I fell under the push up. I had tried, I failed epically. Knuckle push ups had always been hard, worse when you woke up at five in the morning and dragged yourself to work out at Karate by six. I felt so weak, so pathetic, so ridiculous, a sweaty mess, face first on […]

when you’re tired of being the good girl

What do you do when you are tired of being the good girl? This pressure is always rising around us, and it can become suffocating when you feel like you are barely fitting in.  I tend to fit in pretty well when I am in a crowd of adults. They all praise me for what […]