girl meets change {book review}

Girl Meets Change

by Kristen Strong

Girl Meets Change Book Review
Whether chosen or unexpected, all change brings stress.

Kristen Strong knows about change–especially the kind you didn’t choose. Over the years, she’s fought hard to learn an important truth: change is not something to be feared but something to be received as a blessing from a God who works through it, not in spite of it. 

In this hope-filled book, Kristen invites you to see all the ways you are loved and cared for in the midst of change. She walks alongside you as a friend, gently ushering you toward a new view of change, one that meets you at the crossroads of your own sense of anxiety and God’s sense of purpose. With practical advice for coping in every part of life, she draws from her own experiences, the stories of others, and stories from Scripture to help you find contentment, purpose, and renewed strength.

Kristen Strong
Kristen Strong is a popular blogger at Chasing Blue Skies ( and DaySpring’s (in)courage. Her work has appeared in MOMSense and Family Fun magazines. She and her husband, David, have three children. Together this military family has zigzagged across the country (and one ocean) several times. They currently live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


This book was like a healing balm to an aching soul.

To a girl that has gone through a wringer of change over the past couple of years…or even dating back a decade, when she moved from her childhood home, this book was a warm arm around the shoulders, a gentle hug and a calm voice to say, “It’s all going to be okay.”


Kristen’s heart shines so sweetly through her writing, to encourage her sisters in faith and trust in the Author of life.

Digging from her life-long experience as a military mom, Kristen shares from her heart on the sometimes-hard lessons that God taught her over the years, going through life where change is the norm.  Using biblical examples of faith and the stories of saints demonstrating trust, she provides hope for all those whose hearts yearn in the midst of the change-storm.


Her prose was delightful; flowing but strong.

The chapters were broken into great, readable segments.  I was a little concerned in the last chapter, in which she talks about how Jesus died all for us.  To live with us, to love us.  While I believe this is partially true, and while I believe that He cherishes and loves us dearly beyond what we could ever imagine, I believe that God’s true and ultimate intent in saving us and loving us is to bring glory to Himself.  Not to get into a theological debate about it, but I believe it’s cyclical.  In loving us like crazy, we glorify Him like crazy.

All in all, I really appreciated this book and loved the heart of the author.

I found my own heart comforted and calmed by her words and experience; to face change with courage on my face.


I received this book from Revell Reads, a division of Baker Publishing Group, in exchange for an honest review.

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