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September 1st.  I won’t lie, it’s the first day of my very favorite part of the year.


Even now I am sipping a warm mug of Pumpkin Spice flavored coffee and enjoying the scent and warm glow of Yankee Candle’s Harvest. I smile as I anticipate the impending beginning of autumn, and it’s subsequent Christmas season which I adore most of all…



Perhaps the reason that I love the fall season so dearly is my cherished memories of it.


Living where I do now, the season of fall is not much changed from the season of summer.  Hot, humid, and hot.  The crisp coolness of the midwest is what my childhood memories are made of.  The deep shades of red, orange, and yellow painted maple leaves raked into piles.  The pink tinge, the nip of the cool on my cheeks.  Sweater weather.  The delicious smell of the air turning cold.



As I cling to the memories of what I love about the season, it does not keep me from enjoying it where I am.  Sure, I no longer have the coolness.  I don’t have the maple leaves.  The only reason I ever need a sweater is when the indoor A/C is too cold.



But I light my candles, I make my pumpkin spice coffee, I adorn the windows in garlands of maple leaves, I scatter reminders of gratitude throughout my family’s home.


Seasons of grace are not what they are made of, they are what we make of them.


Though I long for the past seasons, the ‘good times’, so they seem, I smile at what is in front of me, knowing that it is what God deemed as ‘good’.  Every day is a part of the ‘good times’ when Jesus is the Ruler of my time.


Life is beautifully unfair.  Grace makes it so.


When walking through a season that we find too difficult, too exhausting, too much, we find ourselves shaking our fists at God.  Why?  Why do You insist on making my life so hard?  It’s unfair!  We’ve missed that our very existence, the very air that we breathe, the very moment that we have to look up and shake our fists, is unfair.


In light of what we deserve.


Instead of living in disapproval of life’s difficulties, I found myself needing to turn my perspective around.  In light of the eternal darkness and despair that I deserve, the most difficult thing in my life right now is an unfair blessing well above what I deserve.


The blood of Jesus paid my debt, gave me a blessing far above what ever I could ever have hoped or imagined.  My sins are not only just paid for, but He wants to love me too!  He wants to bless me!  He wants to give me good things!


Now, instead of looking back on the ‘good old days’ with longing, I find myself eager to relish every moment in the good now days.  This holy God, this Love manifest, He knows the deepest core of my being.  He knows what beautiful things that make my heart pound hard.  He knows me better than anyone, loves me better than anyone.


Not everything will look good to my flesh-covered eyes.


But I will cling to His promises, that it is good.


“For the Lord God is a sun and shield;

The Lord gives grace and glory;

No good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly.”

~Psalm 84:11

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