when your heart is sore {broken chariot wheels}

We all have those mornings, those days.  When your heart is overwhelmed, overtired, hurting–downright sore.  Feels like it’s all you can do to hold it together.

When life continues to rub wrong until it carves out painful, tender scars on your weary heart.


You long for the day that life stops hurting.  When it’s no longer laborious to breathe.  When making it through the day isn’t a great accomplishment.  When you can finally ‘get it together.’


It’s fleeting and we fight its despair every moment…but why does it seem that when it looms, it looms overwhelming?


Beloved, in the midst of the crazy, in the midst of chaos, take heart.


In uncertain seasons (but they feel constant), in troubled times (when are we not?), in the trials (there’s always one current), take heart.

You are loved.


You Are Loved - A Heart Surrendered


Cliche?  Maybe.


An incomprehensible truth that you will ponder the rest of your life and still never come to grasp?  Resounding yes.


Don’t lose sight of Him.  Don’t lose sight of His love.


In this world we will have trouble, but take heart–He has overcome the world. (John 16:33)


Jesus knows that every moment of our lives we will be faced with the odds stacked against us. He knows that every hour, a new chaos reigns.  Jesus walked in our shoesHe lived this life.

He overcame, because He loves you.


An illustration given by John Piper, a parable by John Newton:


Imagine that you are on your way to collect a $100 million dollar inheritance.  You are driving a chariot down the road and one of your wheels breaks only halfway down the road.


What do you do?


Grumble and complain about your broken chariot wheel?  Stand over it, willing it to fix itself? Trudge back from where you came, grumbling to yourself, “It’s not worth it.  My chariot broke on the way…”?


Or have you fixed your eyes on the prize at the end of the road and declare, “I don’t care about this silly chariot!  I don’t need it anyway!  I’ll run barefoot if I have to!”


All the while you can’t stop thinking, “I am inheriting $100 million dollars.  I am inheriting $100 million dollars!  I AM INHERTING $100 MILLION DOLLARS!”


You are beyond excited; you don’t care if your shoes wear out, you have to sleep under the stars, wear the same clothes to threads–because you’ve got an inheritance.  It’s coming.  And you will have more than you need.


(Read the rest of Piper’s sermon in which he illustrates this point HERE. One of the sermons that changed my life and I will never forget.)


Beloved, you and I are on our way to the Celestial City with an inheritance well beyond $100 million dollars waiting for us.  When life throws broken chariot wheels at us, how will we respond?


Will we crumble, crippled, because that was how we wanted to be transported to the end?


Or will we remember our inheritance, you are loved?


Will we get out and run as hard as we can; though we may arrive calloused, sore, blistered, bloody–we have an inheritance waiting.


You are loved.

Pain is the journey.

Broken chariot wheels are commonplace.  

Your inheritance is beyond your wildest dreams.


Focus your heart on His truth, explore it’s depth and width and breadth.  You will find that you can’t ever find the boundaries, never hit it’s edges.  You will be exploring the endlessness of your inheritance for all of eternity.

You are loved.

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