when you’re tired of being the good girl

What do you do when you are tired of being the good girl? This pressure is always rising around us, and it can become suffocating when you feel like you are barely fitting in.

 I tend to fit in pretty well when I am in a crowd of adults. They all praise me for what I have accomplished and who I am. But then… I step into a crowd of teenagers. I suddenly turn into the goody-toe-shoes, perfect good girl, snobby, teacher’s pet.

So I think it’s reasonable to say I get tired of being the good girl. I want to prove them wrong. I want to do something that will strip me of these names that are printed across my forehead.

I know it is wrong. 

I don’t have all the answers. All I want to know is how to stop myself from feeling this way. How can I make myself proud of these titles? How can I stand up in front of all of them, hold my head high, and smile? The fact is, I can’t. The only thing I can do, is find out who I really am.

The more I love the real me, the more I can ignore the generic names that are plastered on me by society. I am different, and it’s not wrong. 

This is a battle. It is a fight against the flesh. I constant war against peer pressure. We need to fight back, it’s time that we learn to embrace the right names for ourselves.

Child of the Great King Jesus. 

Servant of God Most High. 



Someday, I will learn to replace the names like goody-toe-shoes with daughter of the King. I am still learning, I am fighting daily. This struggle continues, but I have hope.

Melody B.
Madly in love with someone who died for me and wrote an entire love story about the two of us. King Jesus. Novelist. Reader. Child at Heart. Martial Artist. Coffee Drinker. Guitar Player. Daydreamer. LOTR Obsessor. Crafter.

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